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Spiro and Wren

Spiro and Wren are our guys this time and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this scene as much as we did. Spiro is the kind of guy that can have anyone he wants so one night when he went out with his friends they made a bet. He had to take home the guy they showed him. Spiro has extremely relaxed because no one in that club was a threat to him, but his friends actually wanted to make him a joke and set him up with a nerd. Well this was new to Spiro because all the guys he had until them were hunks and jocks so he took this as a challenge. He went to his assigned date and offered him a drink and after talking with him for a while he found out that his guy was kind of new with the guy on guy action so he offered him a special lesson at his place. He was so into Spiro that he accepted. Wren got to his place and went straight to his bedroom and waited for him there. Spiro didn’t want to waste more time and appeared in front of him completely naked showing off his hard cock. Wren jumped right tot he business and after finishing sucking it he got that monster cock deep inside his tight ass.


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