Barton Sucking Off Caspar

The chaosmen are back with another great scene. Barton is the one getting pleased in this one as Caspar is the one blowing his fat dick in front of the cameras. Barton needed a guy to help his decorate his house and Caspar was the name he heard from his friends. He had great reviews so he gave him a chance. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that he was into guys just by the way he looked at all the guys that worked around him. No straight dude looks that way at another guy’s ass.

Barton knew he had to have him, he just had to find the perfect time to test him. A few days later Casper worked until late and they were the only two in the house, so this seemed the perfect time for him. After they opened a bottle of wine Caspar got more and more loose so he was almost begging Barton to make a move on him. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the new bed that he bought and to see just how resistant it was. They both took turns on pleasing one another and from the looks of it, our guy Casper, couldn’t get enough of his dick, but banging his ass was the best part of the night for sure. Barton got him right where he wanted him and it wasn’t even that hard. Check them out in action in the chaos men scene below!


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