Jerome And Phineas

We are back with more hot chaosmen updates! Jerome and Phineas are our guests for today’s update and as expected they did a hell of a job stuffing their asses. Jerome, the hot black guy, had a little crush on one of his friends and luckily for him the feeling was mutual. They guys met with the help of their common friends and after sharing a night together drinking and talking Jerome invited him to his place the next day to continue the talk. We think that everyone knew what that really meant and our chaos men knew it too.

Phineas was the one that insisted on a tour of the house and they got to spend a lot of time in his bedroom. They just couldn’t leave that bed no matter how hard they try. Although he wasn’t Jerome’s type there was something about it that got his interest. Phineas turned out to be exactly what he needed and Jerome was pleasantly surprised by his him and his dick. After seeing it Jerome didn’t mind at all getting it up his tight ass. The guys also recorded it all so don’t worry you aren’t going to miss any part of their intense encounter. Like we said earlier below you have a little preview of their scene so make sure you see it entirely. These guys sure know how to please one another!


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