Glenn And Troy First Time

Both of these chaosmen models are looking really hot so we couldn’t wait to get them together. The have never worked together before and since both of them are tops we were curious to see which one is going to be the bottom this time. They seemed to be excited and after some cock sucking action they agreed to make turns and fuck each other’s ass! Glenn and Troy haven’t fuck each other until now, although they hang out in the same circle they just didn’t end up in the same bed, until a few days ago of course. Glenn always had a weakness for tattooed guys and Troy had the tattoos and the killer body to go with them. You can imagine that Glenn didn’t need a second opinion and settled a meeting with his hot dream guy. As you can all see things went way better that Glenn expected.  The guys met in a hotel room, started making out and literally started ripping each other’s cloths off, of course they got all horny and it didn’t took them too long to move all the action in the bed.. After Glenn finished sucking Troy’s hard cock, he bent over and Glenn finally got what he wanted, to stuff Troy’s fine ass. Have fun watching this video as well, cause it’s truly impressive! For similar content, visit the website and see some horny college dudes riding big cocks!


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