Jake Moon Jerking Off

Jake Moon works as masseur but he has been thinking to get into porn so he come to chaosman to make some movies. He told us that he is straight but as it turns out he likes getting his ass fucked because during this solo session he asked for a vibrator and shoved it deep inside his ass while he was jerking his big meat. What can I say more everyone can surprise you, but this is a huge surprise. But if we started talking about huge things what about Jake’s big hard tool? Sincerely it would have been a  huge loss for all of us that his big cock stayed hidden in an ordinary massage parlor.  And of course from the seen of it he really does a great job jerking it off. But things got way more interesting once the dildo appeared in the scene. Jake didn’t think twice and grabbed it with confidence and started playing with it. He just couldn’t stop shoving it in his ass and went deeper and deeper and after he finish his job with it he asked for another dildo but a bigger one. Nice turn out for a straight guy right? Straight my ass!  This guy isn’t at his first anal experience and if you don’t believe you should check out the entire gallery! If you want to see another gorgeous guy jacking off his big cock in front of the video camera, join the peterfever.org blog & have fun!


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