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Barton & Phillip

The ChaosMen have returned and they are hornier than ever. Barton and Phillip can’t wait to fuck their asses and they get there pretty fast. The two hunks we have today are for the first time together, but once you’ve been with one you’ve been with all. So it doesn’t really matter as long as they got an ass to fuck. If you want to see even more ass drilling scene you better check out to see more hunks in hardcore gay sex scenes. Our two hunks met this morning on set and kicked it off right away in the best way possible. The jocks started it slow but once the clothes were off they got to hit that ass.

They were so horny that they jumped right to fucking one another’s ass without doing anything else before. After they cooled off a bit they got to suck off their dicks as well. After seeing this scene we got to say that they make a cute couple and there’s something between them that’s for sure. Things were way to intense for a first time but you can check that out for yourself by following the link below. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it, hopefuly you are going to like it as much as we did. This was all from Barton and Phillip but we have more hunks waiting to make their debut around here so stay close! Enjoy it!

Barton & Phillip

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Dakota Payne and Wright

One of our most active chaosmen, Wright, is back but this time he has a new partner to fool around with. You remember Wright from the last update, well in this we got to meet Dakota Payne and the hunk showed him a great time we won’t forget too soon. Wright had the ride of his life while Dakota was stuffing his asshole. Our guy Wright is always looking for new guys to fuck around with so we sent him all the new guys to test them out. This one surprised everyone, especially Wright. He wasn’t too impressed when he first saw him, so he wasn’t expecting a lot of things from their encounter but the rookie managed to surprise everyone.

Apparently, he wasn’t that inexperienced as everyone thought. Dakota was in charge in this one and he didn’t seem bothered at all while he was undressing our guy and then getting on his knees to clean his dick real good. But that wasn’t the thing that surprised him the most. Once Dakota started taking off his clothes and showed off his great body and big dick then Wright was really surprised. He couldn’t get enough of his hard dick up his ass and you can see that in the preview below. But make sure you check out the entire chaosmen scene as well. See you guys next time with more!


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ChaosMen – Michael and Wright

Michael and Wright are here with their latest chaosmen update. You probably remember them from some older updates where they did a great job, but in this one, they just took it to the next level. So don’t miss them out banging and blowing one another’s dick. Michael and Wright make sure a good team and if you check out some of their older updates you are going to see the passion between these two. Michael is the more experienced one and he doesn’t mind sharing his knowledge with other guys, especially with Wright. It’s a win-win situation for both of them.


Everything started with a lost bet and the guys found the best way there possibly is to settle it down. Michael was right so Wright had to do everything that he wanted for an entire day. Needless to say that the guys spent the entire day locked in the bedroom pleasing one another. Michael had a blast teaching his cute friend just how he likes things in bed. You are going to see a lot of close-ups and intense scenes so don’t worry we have the best pics ready for you guys. The hot chaos men offered us an amazing scene and you can see them banging their asses in the scene below but not before they finish blowing their hard dicks first. See them in action in the scene below and make sure you return for more steamy updates!

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Jerome and Phineas

We are back with more hot chaosmen updates! Jerome and Phineas are our guests for today’s update and as expected they did a hell of a job stuffing their asses. Jerome, the hot black guy, had a little crush on one of his friends and luckily for him the feeling was mutual. They guys met with the help of their common friends and after sharing a night together drinking and talking Jerome invited him to his place the next day to continue the talk. We think that everyone knew what that really meant and our chaos men knew it too.

Phineas was the one that insisted on a tour of the house and they got to spend a lot of time in his bedroom. They just couldn’t leave that bed no matter how hard they try. Although he wasn’t Jerome’s type there was something about it that got his interest. Phineas turned out to be exactly what he needed and Jerome was pleasantly surprised by his him and his dick. After seeing it Jerome didn’t mind at all getting it up his tight ass. The guys also recorded it all so don’t worry you aren’t going to miss any part of their intense encounter. Like we said earlier below you have a little preview of their scene so make sure you see it entirely. These guys sure know how to please one another!


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ChaosMen – Franco and Gale

In this chaosmen we got Franco and Gale, two newcomers here to show us just how dirty they can get in the sack. Below you have a little preview of the two sucking off one another’s dick, but there’s more. Franco and Gale are both students and they ended up sharing the same house. They met on campus and got along pretty well so they started looking for a house to rent because living in a dorm with so many guys didn’t sound too appealing to either of them. Once they found the house it was a matter of time until they discovered that they had another thing in common, both of them like dudes.


Well, this was a match made in heaven, both hot, young and always horny so you can only imagine what goes down in that house. They sent us one of their scenes but we are hoping to see more of them in the future. The guys had an amazing time banging their asses and you can see it on their faces that they enjoyed every second of their scene. Both Franco and Gale took turns on blowing their dicks and stuffing their asses was the next step. The guys are actually big fans of the page so they sent us some amazing pictures. You can see them all below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates starring your favorite chaos men. Enjoy it!

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Matthieu and Sean Peyton

Matthieu and Sean Peyton are the latest guys to join the chaosmen crew and they sent us an amazing scene to start it all.  Below you are going to see the young jocks sucking one another’s dick in front of the cameras. The guys didn’t seem to be bothered about the camera recording them, so this surely isn’t their first scene. Both of the guys are pretty young, but don’t let that fool you because they are more experienced than you would think. We’re telling you guys, these two are going to blow your mind in this chaos men scene that they prepared below.

Matthieu and Sean Peyton could give lessons on blowing dicks because they did a hell of a job in this one. The horny guys got nastier and nastier so it was a matter of time until they landed on the bed ready to spice it up a notch. The guys started nailing their fine asses in no time and it was the hottest thing we saw lately. The two youngsters just took it to a whole other level. As you already know you got one of the best seats in the house to see the action and we can assure you that you are going to love every second of it as much as we did. Below you have just a little preview so don’t forget to check out the entire chaosmen scene. Click below to see it all!


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Shepherd and Vander

These two gym buddies got to know one another way better that anyone of them hoped to in this latest chaosmen scene. Shepherd and Vander finished their workout the best way possible with some really intense bareback ass fucking. The guys met at their neighborhood gym and got along from day one. Both of them were into guys, but it took a while to figure it out. The other day they decided to workout at Vander’s gym. Their gym was getting too crowded and he had a brand new gym in his building. Vander wanted to try it out so he invited his friend to join him as well. After all that effort they guys went up to Vander’s place for a cold beer.


Shepherd never paid too much attention to his buddy’s body but once he saw him coming out of the shower with only a small towel around his wrist he got a bit more interested. They already were at his place so they had all the space and the privacy they could wish for. Shepherd started it all and once Vander’s towel fell off the real fun begun. He started blowing his fat dick in the middle of the room and didn’t stop until he got covered up with jizz. But you guys know that this was only the beginning of it. The real fun began in the bedroom where the guys had a great time bareback fucking their tight asses. Check these chaos men out below!

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ChaosMen – Barton and Caspar

The chaosmen are back with another great scene. Barton is the one getting pleased in this one as Caspar is the one blowing his fat dick in front of the cameras. Barton needed a guy to help his decorate his house and Caspar was the name he heard from his friends. He had great reviews so he gave him a chance. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that he was into guys just by the way he looked at all the guys that worked around him. No straight dude looks that way at another guy’s ass.

Barton knew he had to have him, he just had to find the perfect time to test him. A few days later Casper worked until late and they were the only two in the house, so this seemed the perfect time for him. After they opened a bottle of wine Caspar got more and more loose so he was almost begging Barton to make a move on him. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the new bed that he bought and to see just how resistant it was. They both took turns on pleasing one another and from the looks of it, our guy Casper, couldn’t get enough of his dick, but banging his ass was the best part of the night for sure. Barton got him right where he wanted him and it wasn’t even that hard. Check them out in action in the chaos men scene below!


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Casey and Gavin

It’s really hard to keep up with these chaosmen, everywhere you turn there’s something happening. Casey and Gavin are our guys for today and as you already know there are going to show us a really good time. The two two hot hunks did a great job drilling their fine asses in front of the cameras. Both of the chaos men have some experience with us but they never shared the spotlight until this one. We thought they would make a good team and we are sure that you guys are going to enjoy the show they put for us. Both of them have some scene under their belts so they surpassed our expectations.

Casey and Gavin jumped right to business and once the cameras started rolling they ripped off one another’s clothes, reminding us just how good they look. The guys weren’t shy at all and gave us some lessons on cock sucking and ass banging in this one. There weren’t any limits, as you can see in the preview below, they left it all on this one. The guys took turns on blowing one another’s dick and then drilling their asses, only for your pleasure. We really hope that we are going to see a part two with these two because things were way too hot between them and the second part will even more intense. Our chaos guys never let us down and you can see that in every scene we share. Enjoy this one!


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Chaosmen – Alonso and Kodi

Kodi tried out his first black dick in this latest chaosmen update and you gotta see it. The cute white guy got his first black dick and he had a blast sucking it and getting it up his tight ass. Alonso moved in the house next to him and this was an opportunity he just couldn’t miss out. He wasn’t sure about his taste but after seeing a parade of guys living his house each morning it was clear that he was into guys as well. Now that he found that out, Kodi, one of the cutest chaos men around here, had to find a way to get in his pants. He also knew that he was a handy man and it was easy to find something that needed fixing around the house. So the next day he got a visit by the black hunk and after he finished his work Kodi suggested a different payment method.

Kodi wasn’t really his type but he gave him a shot. Once they got in the bedroom he couldn’t wait to see Alonso’s dick and the wait was totally worth it. Once he took off his pants and his underwear Kodi saw the biggest dick. Alonso couldn’t wait to fuck his tight white ass, but before they got to that, his white cute neighbor spends a lot of time cleaning it. That was definitely the biggest he had until that point and he enjoyed every second of it, as you are going to see in the scene below. So make sure you check it out entirely.


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