Elias Sucking Off Shiloh

Chaosmen are back and they are hornier then ever. You all know Elias and Shiloh, but did you knew they have a hot scene together? We didn’t knew either until a few days ago when a tape got to our studio. Actually the two worked together a few years ago at this big company. That, by the way, had cameras all over the place and the bathrooms didn’t make an exception. One night they stayed some extra hours to work at an important project with some of their co workers. They didn’t knew about each other sexual orientation but that didn’t stayed to much time a mystery, especially after Elias started rubbing Shiloh’s hard cock under the table with his foot. It didn’t took them too long to get in the bathroom and down to business. Elias made sure the door was closed but neither of them even thought about the surveillance cameras. So they started taking turns on sucking each other’s cock and from there to fucking was a small step.  So don’t miss this hardcore scene and some amazing videos that the surveillance camera got. Enjoy and also have a look at these two, cause they are having just as much fun as Elias and Shiloh!


Take a look at this tattooed hunks sucking each other!