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Shepherd and Vander

These two gym buddies got to know one another way better that anyone of them hoped to in this latest chaosmen scene. Shepherd and Vander finished their workout the best way possible with some really intense bareback ass fucking. The guys met at their neighborhood gym and got along from day one. Both of them were into guys, but it took a while to figure it out. The other day they decided to workout at Vander’s gym. Their gym was getting too crowded and he had a brand new gym in his building. Vander wanted to try it out so he invited his friend to join him as well. After all that effort they guys went up to Vander’s place for a cold beer.


Shepherd never paid too much attention to his buddy’s body but once he saw him coming out of the shower with only a small towel around his wrist he got a bit more interested. They already were at his place so they had all the space and the privacy they could wish for. Shepherd started it all and once Vander’s towel fell off the real fun begun. He started blowing his fat dick in the middle of the room and didn’t stop until he got covered up with jizz. But you guys know that this was only the beginning of it. The real fun began in the bedroom where the guys had a great time bareback fucking their tight asses. Check these chaos men out below!

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