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Foster & Van

Foster and Van are our hunks of the day and they sure enjoy pounding each other’s butthole. The ripped jocks love to bang their fine asses as often as they can. It all started a few months ago, when Foster just moved in the building. Van wanted to meet his next door neighbor so he made him a visit. Things got pretty hot between them, but Foster’s boyfriend entered the room and things cooled out. Van didn’t knew how things are between them so he didn’t want to mess with their relationship.

Luckily Foster didn’t think the same way and the next day he paid Van a visit, well more of a booty call. They went straight to the bedroom and after fucking one another’s butthole, Van found out that Foster isn’t really happy with his man because he never has time for him. So now each time his man is off with work they spend their together. If you want more hot scenes you must check out for more horny hunks pounding their asses. Enjoy it!

Foster & Van

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