Elias Solo

We sure missed Elias, one of our hottest chaosmen and you can see why. Beside that amazing smile, he has a killer body, six pack and a fat cock. Elias sends us pictures with him from time to time with the guys he fucks, but with him solo as well. In this one he went out clubbing with his guys and met a hot hunk, of course after a few drinks they ended up at his place and while his hunk was taking a shower he wanted to share this moment with you guys as well. He started taking photos of himself around the room but none of the them were good enough so he asked his fuck buddy for that night to take some pictures. You just don’t want to miss this insane scene with our ripped hunk posing in all kind of nasty positions just for you guys. But that wasn’t all because he started playing with his big cock. Elias saw that his crushed was interested for another round so he took this little photo session and made it a foreplay for the two of them. He started looking him in the eyes and slowly rubbing his big cock right in front of him and made him crave even more by talking dirty while doing all of that. And things got dirtier and dirtier until he couldn’t take it anymore, put the camera on video mode and jumped over our ripped hunk Elias. Just like Allen, he will fulfill your wishes!


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