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Antonio Cervone and Easton

In this chaosmen update we got Antonio Cervone and Easton here to show us a really good time, so don’t miss the two hunks blowing and banging one another’s asses. Our two hot men were sharing the same roof so it was a matter of time until something happened between them and when it happen it was amazing. Antonio and Easton were sharing the same house for a couple of weeks but nothing too serious happened between them, but Antonio had to do something about it. His housemate was way too cute to ignore so one afternoon he made his move. The younger and hotter Easton reacted way better than expected and the guys didn’t waste too much time and they got in the sack really fast where the actual fun begun.

The guys offered us a great view of their hot bodies and after teasing us for a bit they began taking turns on sucking their dicks and continued with banging their asses. You gotta see them in action to see all the lust and the passion between them. You got, as usual, one of the best seats in the house. We got some really good pics for you guys and you must check them out to see everything that happened between these two. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more chaosmen updates. We got so many great scenes prepared for you guys.


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Chaosmen Booker

Since we got a model from one of the other studios – what can be said we love to recycle- , we got chaosmen booker this time. He is a proud owner of a beefy wrestler body and is willing to push his limits anytime he’s got a chance. So chaos men decided to help him do that. At first he wasn’t into all the recording thing, but after he saw our hot cameraman that thing changed quickly. He took off all of his clothes, showing off his worked out body. It was really a shame to hide his smoking hot body from the camera, especially his worked out six pack. But once he got undressed nothing and no one could stop him. He started playing with his hard cock, started  rubbing it and just didn’t stop until it was all hard. But of course that wasn’t enough for him and he continued jerking off until he got cum all over his amazing body,especially over his killer six pack. I’m telling you shouldn’t miss this insane scene and see our hunk in action. And as if you didn’t guessed it already we got one of our hottest jerk-off session yet. See also Quinn, cause he is such a hunk! If you liked this scene, maybe you wanna watch some horny straight guys getting ass fucked, so if you do, join the blog! Have fun!


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ChaosMen – Rhett toying his ass

Rhett is a convinced gay and in this chaosmen scene he is talking about all the sexual things that turn him on, he likes topping but he also like playing with his ass so we believe that he is good at bottoming. In this update he is doing a great solo jerking off his big cock while he shoves a toy deep inside his ass! But let me tell how it all begun. A few days ago Rhett met with some of his friends and one thing lead to another and they ended up talking about their sexual experience. Of course everyone at that table fucked in every possible position and tried all kind of sex toys. Well our hot hunk Rhett was the only one that loved it the old fashion way, but the talk made him have second thought and he decided to give the sex toys a try. So after he got home he ran to the nearest sex shop and bought a medium size dildo and from the looks of it he really enjoys it. Just look at this shoving his brand new dildo deep inside his butthole! I’m telling you shouldn’t  miss out this insane scene Rhett is worth your time. Until the next week’s update, check out the site and see some hot European guys getting their asses fucked!


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Casey and Gavin doing a 69

In this picture gallery we have two fresh chaosmen guys for you, both of them were pretty excited to make this gay sex scene because they have never been together before. Our two hunks never saw each other until that day, but once they stepped into the studio they knew that would totally match in bed. After they’ve been officially introduced they didn’t wasted any time and started making out and undressing each other. Of course both of them have incredible bodies, all worked out and craving for some hardcore action. And from the looks of it, today is their lucky day, because they are in for a treat. Once they got completely naked it didn’t took them too long start sucking each other off. They started by taking turns but after a while that just seamed a complete waste of time so one of them suggest a 69 and both seem to like taking the other’s cock in his mouth and being sucked. After they finished fucking and loading each other’s filthy mouth they continued with a rough fuck, pounding one another’s fine ass. So don’t miss out our two horny hunks fucking and sucking each other like crazy. Enjoy it!


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ChaosMen – Glenn and Troy first time

Both of these chaosmen models are looking really hot so we couldn’t wait to get them together. The have never worked together before and since both of them are tops we were curious to see which one is going to be the bottom this time. They seemed to be excited and after some cock sucking action they agreed to make turns and fuck each other’s ass! Glenn and Troy haven’t fuck each other until now, although they hang out in the same circle they just didn’t end up in the same bed, until a few days ago of course. Glenn always had a weakness for tattooed guys and Troy had the tattoos and the killer body to go with them. You can imagine that Glenn didn’t need a second opinion and settled a meeting with his hot dream guy. As you can all see things went way better that Glenn expected.  The guys met in a hotel room, started making out and literarily started ripping each other’s cloths off, of course they got all horny and it didn’t took them too long to move all the action in the bed.. After Glenn finished sucking Troy’s hard cock, he bent over and Glenn finally got what he wanted, to stuff Troy’s fine ass. Have fun watching this video as well, cause it’s truly impressive! For similar content, visit the website and see some horny college dudes riding big cocks!


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Shea doing a solo

Before coming to chaosmen Shea did some modeling but because he has a very high libido and he likes girls and boys too, he decided to show off his hot body and big cock. So far he tried only giving blow jobs and for the moment he won’t try anything new, but in this update he did a good solo and seemed to enjoy wanking his hard meat really hard for the cam! Although it’s a big change from modeling to stripping on camera Shea got used to it really easy. In his first session he resumed it all to stripping but as time went by he slowly started to do much more then stripping.


He got such good reviews from everybody so he started playing with his cock and after a few more scenes things got way dirtier. In this hot scene you can see he isn’t shy at all and sure loves to jerk off his hard cock and he just couldn’t stop until he got creamy load of cum all over his six pack. So don’t miss our new rising star Shea showing off his big hard dick to the camera and to all you horny guys! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, you can join the website and see some horny twinks having hardcore sex!

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ChaosMen – Booker and Cruz

Before filming this chaosmen video Booker has decided that from now on he is going to be the bottom only because he loves having big cocks in his ass. We were a bit dissapointed because we hoped that we will see Cruz fucked this time. Cruz first is fucking Booker doggy style then Booker lays back on the bed and Cruz starts pumping his ass really hard! I’m telling you these guys just can’t get enough. This isn’t their first encounter and until now every scene was insane and this one doesn’t break the rule. As usual they started with some kissing stripping each other. But the moment Booker got his hands on Cruz’s hard tool things went from softcore to hardcore in 2 seconds. Booker pushed him on the bed and started doing what he knows best giving head and he did a hell of a job. But that was only the beginning because then it was his ass turn and Booker had no mercy at all. He started hammering his juicy ass in every position and just couldn’t stop until he filled his fine ass with creamy loads of cum. But Booker had no idea what Cruz had prepared for him and he sure was surprised so don’t miss it! If you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, join the website! Have fun, guys!


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Bossy series with Haigan and Jet

In this chaosmen update Haigan and Jet are filming for the Bossy themed video where Haigan is the one that dominates and Jet has to obey. Jet is wearing a blindfold at first and handcuffs and Haigan shoves his cock in Jet’s mouth. Then Jet is going to get his ass roughly fucked! But first off all let me tell how it all started between these two hunks. They’ve been together for a while now and started thinking their sex life started to get kind of dull so they started experiencing all kind of knew things but nothing pleased them. This until a few weeks ago when Haigan watched an interesting porn video with two guys fucking but one of them was cuffed. Of course he told Jet and they tried it out.


Haigan was the one with the idea so he cuffed our hot hunk Jet and started playing with him. Like I said earlier he started with shoving his hard cock in his filthy mouth and just couldn’t stop until he loaded it with nasty jizz. But Haigan wasn’t even started because he continued with his sexy ass and started hammering it like crazy. So don’t miss out our two horny hunks in some hardcore action! Don’t forget that you can find some similar hardcore gay sex videos inside the blog. Check it out and have fun, guys!

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Jake Moon playing with his ass

Jake Moon works as masseur but he has been thinking to get into porn so he come to chaosman to make some movies. He told us that he is straight but as it turns out he likes getting his ass fucked because during this solo session he asked for a vibrator and shoved it deep inside his ass while he was jerking his big meat. What can I say more everyone can surprise you, but this is a huge surprise. But if we started talking about huge things what about Jake’s big hard tool? Sincerely it would have been a  huge loss for all of us that his big cock stayed hidden in an ordinary massage parlor.  And of course from the seen of it he really does a great job jerking it off. But things got way more interesting once the dildo appeared in the scene. Jake didn’t think twice and grabbed it with confidence and started playing with it. He just couldn’t stop shoving it in his ass and went deeper and deeper and after he finish his job with it he asked for another dildo but a bigger one. Nice turn out for a straight guy right? Straight my ass!  This guy isn’t at his first anal experience and if you don’t believe you should check out the entire gallery! If you want to see another gorgeous guy jacking off his big cock in front of the video camera, join the blog & have fun!


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Orin gets serviced

When we asked Orin to make a Serviced video for chaosmen he wasn’t sure if to accept or not. At he previous solo he got over excited and almost busted a nut few times, so now he was afraid he will blow his load to soon. Well we talked him into and this scene turned out to be great. Allen did a good job working on Orin’s big cock! These two aren’t at their first guy experience but they didn’t have too many scenes before these. Orin, like i said earlier, had some second thoughts about this scene because on camera he only did some solo scenes and that was all for him. He fucked around with his boyfriend at home, but it was with his boyfriend and with no camera around them. But after seeing the hunk we had prepared for him he didn’t need too much time to think about it and accepted. They started slowly making out and undressing each other and playing with each other’s tool. Then Orin got a special treatment from his cute partner, that offered him an amazing head. So from there things got hotter and hotter especially when these two started nailing each other’s fine ass. If you want to see other horny gay guys fucking and sucking, join the blog!


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